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Insight Productions is a video production company based in London. We bring visual clarity to your marketing campaigns, providing corporate and event filmmaking, for local businesses including video post-production services. 

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What we do best

Our services 


  • Promotional videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Documentaries
  • Event coverage
  • Interviews


  • Editing
  • Colour-correcting
  • Visual effects
  • Sound design
  • Voice overs

Meet the team

Adrian Burke


Fun Facts: Adrian loves music, football and Haribos in no specific order!

But who is Adrian Burke? Not your average marketer that's for sure! With 15+ years of experience in Marketing and video production, Adrian has worked with 'local' heroes and business pioneers, to music industry heavyweights, including SonyBMG and TVT Records on promotional campaigns. 

Today,  Adrian assists local businesses and individuals, producing captivating, visual content that tells their stories and increases their commercial success.

Connect with Adrian:

Anthony Burke 


Fun Facts: Anthony loves technology, football and watching Netflix!

Who is Anthony? The genius behind post-production, delivering final cuts seamlessly. His editing process is something to marvel.

Anthony has 16+ years of experience in broadcasting, music and the media industry and has worked with international broadcasters, including the BBC and NBC Universal.

Some of Anthony's most notable work includes high-level coverage of one of the UK's most popular live events, The Glastonbury Festival.

Connect with Anthony:

Shan Sealy

Manager of The Insight 

Fun Facts: Shan loves travelling, meeting new people and is passionate about Soca music and all the festivities that come with the genre.

Shan is 'the plug' when it comes to building key relationships between the Caribbean entertainment scene and the UK, Barbados (her home away from home) and wider territories.  She provides 'insight' on the hottest soca artists, producers and DJ's globally. 

Connect with Shan:

Behind the Lense

Our Blog 


Sta Sof fro with Dionne Smith

The team were on a photoshoot recently with Global hair brand 'Sta Sof fro' and the award winning hairstylist, Dionne Smith.


Behind the scenes with Kubi

Working with Kubi Springer

The team were in the studio with PR Guru, Kubi Springer from 'She Builds Brands', covering her weekly show 'Ask Kubi'.

Behind the scenes with Wizkid & Larrygagga

Urfresh video shoot

Behind the camera is where all the action takes place!
The constant hours of planning, storyboarding, Looking for new and undiscovered locations, lighting, makeup, Time management etc is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to preparing and shooting a music video! 

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What our clients think of us

Adrian comes highly recommended! He is dedicated to honing his "art of storytelling", which is evident in his work. Having helped in the delivery of high-quality video content to our clients, we consider Insight Productions strategic partners of The Glass Hive.

Nadia Haynes

Founder, The Glass HiveĀ®

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